Moms using isihlambezo

Doctors and clinics say that many women still use traditional medicine during pregnancy and labour.  This is despite better education where woman are advised not to use traditional medicine during pregnancy. 

A researcher found that isihlambezo was most commonly used by Zulu women while the use of umcamo wemfene, also known as baboon urine, was more common among Xhosa women.Many claim that the traditional medicine Isihlambezo helps with a fast and safe labour.  

But doctors say that herbal medicine can actually hurt mothers and babies or interact with other medicine. The ask moms not to use traditional remedies, particularly if they have a weak immune system.

MAMAs expert, Doctor Zethu says that as a medical practitioner, she would a pregnant woman not to use the remedy. She said she would want to minimise unexpected complications as much as possible, and that there is a chance any medication can cause complications.

Your doctor knows best. It is important to listen to the advice of your clinic and not take any additional medication if they do not approve it. Traditional medicine can harm your baby. 

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