Mom kills her baby

A young mother in England has been jailed for life after she beat her 11 month old baby son, causing his death.

Emma Wilson has no history of mental illness, learning disabilities or drug abuse.

She became pregnant by a man she was not in a relationship with and kept the pregnancy a secret, giving birth on her own with no medical attention. She named her son Callum and put him up for adoption. However a few months later she regretted her decision and took her baby back.

A few months later he was taken to hospital suffering serious injuries. The infant was found to have a brain injury, rib, arm and leg fractures and bruising across his face and body. He died three days later.

Wilson told the court during her trial that it had been the fault of her other son –  a two-year old. She said he was constantly pushing and rolling his baby brother. But the court did not believe her and said she had told too many lies.

She even gave a false surname and address for her son at his school claimed on one occasion that bruising on Callum's face had been caused by an older sister, who did not exist.

Feel like you can’t go on or want to hit your baby? You need to get help. Contact your clinic and speak to a social worker or talk to someone on 0800 567 7567.

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