It’s all too much

There’s a big rush of excitement when your baby is born. Visitors stream into your home and there is so much support and advice. But you can start to feel exhausted and depressed in time. The visitors leave and you may have sleepless nights, and a tiny baby who is very needy. Motherhood is a huge life change and it can be overwhelming.

Feeling tearful and worried is normal. But if it gets worse, rather than better it can be postnatal depression.

The Family Life Centre says the symptoms usually develop in the fist three months after the birth.

You may feel:

Sad and cry for no reason

Extremely anxious and worried

Can’t sleep, even if your baby is napping

As if you want to hurt your baby

It can be hard to tell if its depression, or just the huge change in your life once you have a baby. All mother have moments of highs and lows, but they should pass in time.  But psychologists say that depression is longer, more persistent and it doesn’t get better.

What can you do?

Talk to someone

Speak to your clinic and ask about Postnatal Depression help

Join a support group – ask at your clinic



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