I didn't know I was pregnant!

There are stories of women who give birth without even knowing they were pregnant. How can that happen? Maybe they had their periods, which can cause confusion, since a missed period is usually the first sign of pregnancy for most women. Did they gain any weight? Maybe they had no morning sickness.

It must have been frightening to be in pain and to not have any idea why or what to do about it. At least when you know you are pregnant, you can be prepared for labour and contractions.

Here are some astonishing stories of women who found out late in their pregnancy that they were expecting.

  • Phumza says: I was in terrible pain because I had kidney stones so I went to hospital. However even though I did have a growth on my kidney, I found out the pain was caused by a baby girl arriving at six and a half months!

    Her advice: Get to know your body and ask the doctor if you have any new symptoms that you don’t recognise. Don’t ignore it!
  • Lusanda says: I was in serious pain and was taken to Emergency while screaming ‘something is coming out of me’! The doctor arrived and pulled my pants off and told me the baby’s head is there. A head?! He said ‘you’re having a baby’ – and I fainted. I came around straight away and pushed, and there she was! I was in shock, especially as she was so small.

    Why didn’t I know I was pregnant? I had my period regularly and I didn’t eat much because I had no appetite. In fact I even started losing weight at about 23 to 27 weeks. I never suspected I was pregnant at all.
  • Nomanesi says: I was raped and afterwards I found out I was pregnant. At one stage I bled really heavily (abnormally so for me) so I took another test and it was negative. I took two more tests over the next two months and they kept coming up negative so I thought I had miscarried. Because it was an assault I just wanted to forget it had happened. I went into labour at 38 weeks and realised out I hadn’t miscarried after all!

    Her advice: Trust your gut! Go to the clinic and get a second opinion if you think you might be pregnant.

How soon did you find out you were pregnant? Were you surprised? What made you finally realise you were pregnant - tender breasts, feeling sick and needing to pass water more often are good clues to look out for.

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