Finger food ideas

Around 10 months you can start including your baby in family mealtimes. Offer 3 meals a day, with some healthy snacks inbetween (see ideas below). If you're brave enough you can get baby to feed himself as much as possible. Be warned, it will get messy!

Your baby should still have 500-600ml milk a day - as a bottle, in cereal, in food or in the form of yoghurt. Give milk after a meal so it doesn't take away his appetite for food. You can also include other drinks - cooled boiled water is best, or diluted fruit juice or rooibos tea (without sugar). They mustn't replace baby's milk feeds though.

Around now you can offer your baby finger foods. They are fun to eat and baby can practice picking up his own food.

Finger food ideas:
Long slices of banana
Strips of toast
Pieces of cheese
Carrot sticks
Baby tomatoes
Cooked broccoli or cauliflower
Slices of apple or pear
Cooked pasta shapes
Cucumber sticks

Do you have any other healthy food suggestions for babies of this age?

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