Feeding mistakes moms can make

1. The biggest food mistake a mom can make is to stop breastfeeding. There is no better food for baby than breast milk and even up to 12 months, your baby gets half of her food needs from breast milk. 

2. A common mistake that moms make it to feed your baby solid foods before six months. Up until six months, your baby’s stomach can only handle breast milk or formula milk. Giving solid foods to young can cause problems for a baby’s stomach.

3. Sometimes moms will give too much of one food and not enough of another – just porridge, maize meal or cereal without adding things like peanut butter, vegetables, fruit and eggs. Too much of just carbohydrates and no protein can lead to bad nutrition diseases like kwashiorkor.

4. Sometimes moms will add sugar, jam or syrup to a baby’s food to give energy, but these kinds of things give short energy and are not good for a baby’s long-term growing, teeth or brain development. Baby should not drink sweet drinks – even tea of coffee or fruit juice. Honey is also not a good thing for babies.

5. Sometimes moms give a baby food with lumps too early on – before eight or nine months. Babies start off suckling, then they munch (as their gums harden and their teeth start coming out) and then they chew. The food you give them needs to follow this pattern.

6. Sometimes moms are tired or in a hurry and buy snacks from the shop (chips, chocolates, sweets, biscuits) to keep baby quiet. These foods are not good for a baby’s body and soon she will be crying again as they do not feed the hunger, just wake baby up more and make her want more sugar. 

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