Dads who don't pay

DA leader Helen Zille is on a mission to get fathers to pay for their kids. She led a protest demanding that government act on a current law that will blacklist father who default on paying their maintenance.

"There are 9 million children growing up without their fathers... and that often destroys the life chances of children who grow up in extreme poverty," said Zille quoted in TimesLive.

She said that mother often spend month and months trying to simply get the fathers to pay the mney they owe every month. But there is a law that allows mothers to place the non-paying dad on a credit blacklist.

The fact that almost half of South Africa's children grow up without a father is one of the biggest factors contributing to a life of poverty for so many of our young people.

An absent father places children at higher risk of drug and alcohol abuse. They are also more likely to grow up without opportunity and employment.

The South African law states that both parents have the responsibility to contribute to maintenance of the child. This means that regardless of whether the father is utilising his right to care for the child, he will still need to contribute financially to the upbringing of the child.

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